Drilling Waste

Enviroco deals with huge volumes of drilling waste every year. We use a combination of our own drilling waste treatment processes and those of our suppliers, to increase recycling and minimise the drilling waste disposal volumes.

To provide our customers with a more flexible service and quicker vessel turnaround times, we have increased our quayside storage by over 50% in recent years, and plan to continue this expansion going forward.

Drilling mud treatment

We are able to receive large volumes of drilling muds through our various direct discharge quayside facilities, before transfer for further treatment.

Drill cuttings

Drill cuttings can be delivered by bulk discharge at any of our quayside locations, using our large fleet of mud cuttings boxes, which are available on a short, medium or long term rental basis.

The cuttings are treated using a thermal process which separates oil and liquids from the solids. This leaves a clear oil fraction, which is suitable for onward recycling.

Bulk liquids

Bulk liquids, brines and dirty waters can be treated at our effluent treatment plant which uses dissolved air floataion processes. chemcial dosing and phsyical separation to treat bulk liquids prior to discharge.

Enviroco is the leading waste management and industrial cleaning company serving the oil and gas exploration industry in the UK.  We have over 15 years’ experience in delivering our services to the highest standards in a very demanding sector where safety and service really matter.