Hazardous Waste

Enviroco specialises in hazardous waste management for UK business. We have over 15 years of experience of hazardous waste handling, treatment, recycling and disposal.

Hazardous waste must be dealt with professionally in order to eliminate the risks associated with hazardous materials, such as potential chemical reactions and harm to people or the environment. Enviroco manages these risks through robust procedures. Our qualified chemists carry out initial technical assessments and routing, and process waste at our waste management centres.

Bulk hazardous waste collections

Our fleet of over 100 vehicles, including ADR rated tankers and curtain side trailers, are specifically prepared for the transfer of bulk hazardous waste. We have established recovery, recycling and disposal routes for solvents, solids and sludges, organic and inorganic liquids, bulk chemicals, and waste waters.

Packaged hazardous waste collections

We’ll manage the supply of suitable containers for segregation and storage, and find sustainable recovery, recycling and disposal routes for a number of hazardous wastes including: aerosols, batteries, tubes and bulbs, chemicals, solvents and Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)

Laboratory chemical waste management

We can list, identify, safely pack, and remove laboratory chemicals from your site. This service can be offered as a one off clearance or as part of a regular service.

Mobile chemist services

Our trained Hazpak chemists are available to visit you on site, to prepare, sample, analyse, package, and label your hazardous wastes, prior to their collection.

Enviroco is the leading waste management and industrial cleaning company serving the oil and gas exploration industry in the UK.  We have over 15 years’ experience in delivering our services to the highest standards in a very demanding sector where safety and service really matter.