Facilities and Infrastructure

Enviroco has four strategically placed waste management centres and a number of quayside facilities throughout the UK. Alongside a large transport fleet of specialised waste management and industrial services vehicles, we are equipped to provide the highest levels of service throughout the UK.

Waste management centres

Our four main waste management centres are in Aberdeen, Peterhead, Sheffield and Great Yarmouth. We also have an industrial services depot in North Walsham.

In addition to providing bases for our waste management and industrial services, between our facilities we are also capable of many specialist services such as drilling mud treatment, effluent treatment, and NORM decontamination.

Quayside storage and reception

We can quickly receive and handle large volumes of waste using our quayside locations and tank storage farms in Aberdeen, Peterhead and Great Yarmouth.

Our most recently installed tanks a equipped with sensors which remotely report tank levels and also have de-watering capabilities helping to improve the efficiency of our drilling mud treatment process.

Transport fleet

Our large feet of waste management and industrial services vehicles is made up of over 100 vehicles, tractors and trailers. The flexibility of such a range of vehicles allows us to provide waste collections and other services throughout the UK.

  • ADR Rated Vaccum Tankers
  • Curtain side trailers
  • Turbovacs
  • Jetvacs
  • Disabs